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Adults Welcome

Today as I shuffled through the various pieces of junk mail that I received, I came across an all black catalogue, which, of course, caught my eye. In the center of the catalogue was a red square and inside of that red square were four marshmallow type letters that spelled "LEGO". The letters were outlined in black and the black was outlined in yellow. At the bottom of the cover, written in smaller, much less fluffy type, was the word "Summer" and the year "2022". In between the Lego square and the time of year were the words "Adults Welcome". This statement was written in the same font as "Summer 2022", but it was a different color ( it was white, "Summer 2022" was written in green), a larger font size, and a bold type. Out of the three, "Lego" grabbed my attention first, followed by "Adults Welcome", and picking up the rear was "Summer 2022".

Many Lego catalogues have come to us over the years, but none that have invited my kind (adults, of which I'm still surprised that I am) personally. It was nice to be acknowledged. There have been quite a few times in the past where I have secretly flipped through the pages of Lego catalogues that were not intended for me, but for a younger sort of human, one that is still socially allowed to build things out of little plastic bricks and not be burned at the stake or publicly shamed and put in the stocks.

Now with the arrival of this new more age inclusive catalogue, I may freely peruse the many pages of Lego sets and not have to hide in the bathroom, bubbling over with shame. No longer do I have to sneak that beautifully designed advertisement back into my daughter's room before I am caught with it. The arrival of this latest Lego catalogue has welcomed me to be a better, more open, version of myself. Thank you, Lego, I am forever in your debt.

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