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A Bothered Bird

My family and I enjoy walking on our weekends. Sometimes we do it for exercise and sometimes for fun. On this particular day it was a mix of the two. We worked up a sweat and also took frequent guilt free breaks.

We usually walk to a nearby park. The park is rather large and has a decent size lake fueled by a creek. The park attracts all kinds of wildlife. The most plentiful are the birds.

That day, on one of our guilt free breaks, I spotted a Black-crowned Night-Heron crouched down at the bottom of a dam amongst some reeds. He struck me as an older bird, but upon a bit of research, I came to find out, based on feather color, which was varying shades of brown and white, that he was a juvenile. We observed him, took a few pictures, and watched as he meticulously searched for a snack.

Eventually he grew tired of our inquiry. He crouched down for ten seconds, possibly scanning the runway to make sure the lane was clear, and then launched skyward, revealing an impressive wingspan. We looked on as the bothered bird flew out of sight.

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