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Baseball Threads: 1929 Boston Braves and Their marvelous Stockings

Updated: Jul 12

Illustration and Words by Benjamin Sabin | June 25, 2024


How do you feel about socks? Sure they’re nice on a cold evening encased in a pair of slippers with a hot cup of tea cradled in your hands, but what else are they good for other than function? How about fashion?

Yes, socks are a barrier between our feet and our shoes. They help protect us from uncomfortable blisters and bacteria that can lead to an itchy and odorous pair of trotters. But past that, they can tell the world who you are and how you feel and add a nice pop of color to an outfit. And in this case, that outfit is a baseball uniform. 

A baseball uniform is an outfit? A baseball uniform is fashion? You’re damn right it is, which brings us to the socks of the 1929 Boston Braves

The 1929 Boston Braves were not a powerhouse. They finished eighth out of eight in the National League with an underwhelming record of 56-98. They were also having financial issues, which didn’t help with putting together a winning product. But, there was one bright spot to their season and that was their baseball threads, more specifically a pair of red and yellow stockings. 

The stockings looked like this:

Baseball Threads: 1929 Boston Braves' Socks

While their stockings surely didn’t bring this motley bunch of castoffs much luck, they did make an otherwise bland season at least a little brighter. And considering that their top performer, according to Wins Above Replacement (WAR), was a gentleman named Socks Seibold, it is safe to say that the 1929 Boston Braves, while lacking talent on the diamond, were more than covered in the sock department.


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